Telos is the name given to my ongoing collaboration with mixed media artist Matt Clark. Within this body of work, we have improved upon our techniques from 2015's Mimesis collaboration, working in a larger format. As before, each piece is a unique work combining my elementograph process with Matt's abstract painting style.

Within the last year however, our process has changed. No longer am I creating works on which Matt paints to mimic. Now, Matt paints directly onto chromogenic paper before handing off the piece to me for my portion. I expose the paper outside to homemade solutions of organic material, such as fruit, charcoal, wet leaves, food detritus, etc. Often, during the exposure, the acrylic paint pulls away from the surface of the paper, leaving masked marks of where it previously lay. We have found that this weathering effect produces a desirable third layer of information. Last, we develop the paper in RA-4 chromogenic chemistry and mount it to archival corrugated material for strength.

With this methodology, Matt and I allow the project an element of chance, combining his, mine and Nature's hand to coalesce into a finished image.

All Images Copyright Jackson Echols 2021.